Wish Lists

One convenient way to help is by shopping on from our many wish lists! We have wish lists containing many items that we need to keep the hospital running smoothly and well maintained. Our wishlists are located on Amazon, Chewy, and Chris’ Squirrels. The buttons below will take you directly to those lists. Be sure you are using AmazonSmile on your everyday personal purchases as well! FWH receives a donation from Amazon from everyone who shops with us FWH as their AmazonSmile recipient.

Supplies We Need

Donations of supplies are greatly appreciated as they to help provide optimum care for our patients. We receive no money from government sources, so a steady stream of donations allows us to spend our limited financial resources on patient medical bills and facility maintenance. Below you will find a list to come of our current needs and links to ones you can purchase online for us! Watch for buy-one-get-one-free offers on supplies we use daily. Please stop by our facility during our office hours to drop-off donations. These donations are tax-deductible; we are happy to provide receipts for your records.

Food Items Animal Care Cleaning Products Paper/Office Gift Cards Misc.
Fresh Fruit (melon, berries, grapes) Pine Bedding- small shavings Disinfecting Bleach- unscented Avery 5961 Laser Labels Wawa Astroturf (Daisy) Door Mats
Frozen Fruit Distilled Water Laundry Detergent USPS Stamps – Forever, postcard, and $1 stamps Home Depot Tissues- no lotion
Frozen Vegetables Nitrile Gloves- all sizes Disinfecting Bleach Tablets Black Dry-Erase Markers (Fine and Ultra Fine tip) Lowes Outdoor Rubbermaid Storage Shed
Esbilac Powder Milk Replacer Gently Used Linens- no holes Disinfecting Wipes Assorted Color Dry-Erase Markers (Fine and Ultra Fine tip) Staples Sevin Dust
Pecans and Walnuts (in the shell) CareFresh Natural Pet Bedding Hand Soap Standard Copy Paper Office Depot Diatomaceous Earth
Kaytee Fiesta food for mice and rats Paper Towels DYMO Label Maker Refills Publix
Ace Hardware
Gas Cards