Internship Opportunities

Interested in Becoming an FWH Intern?

The Florida Wildlife Hospital offers unique unpaid internship opportunities for students with an interest in native Florida wildlife. Internships are available year-round at our facility in Palm Shores, Florida. We offer two internship opportunities, an Animal Care internship, and a Non-Profit Management internship, for students or recent graduates studying related topics. Descriptions for each position are available below.

Animal Care Internship

Offered in 12-week intervals: Spring (February – April), Summer (May – July), Fall (August – October), or Winter (November – January). Exact dates will be dependent upon school end/start dates.

Learn to identify native species, set up age- and species-appropriate environments, choose, prepare, and feed nutritious diets, and assist with medical treatments.

There may also be opportunities to work in our lab (blood analysis and parasite checks), assist with admission/ treatment of patients, and visit nearby wildlife, zoo, and veterinary facilities.

Non-Profit Management Internship

Offered in 8-week intervals with flexible scheduling.

Learn what it takes to operate a non-profit facility, assist and learn about fundraising, assist in finding and writing grants, learn about volunteer management, attend an educational outreach event, understand what type of marketing we do, and become familiar with organizing and maintaining a membership database. There may also be opportunities to witness animal releases, assist with volunteer training, and visit other nearby non-profit facilities.

DYou Qualify?

  • All applicants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Animal Care Applicants must be enrolled in or a recent graduate of a college program pursuing studies in biology, ornithology, wildlife sciences, environmental studies, pre-veterinary medicine, or a related field.
    • Please Note: FWH is not able to sign off on externship applications as our partnering veterinarians are not on-site each day. If you need a DVM to shadow during your internship, these internship will not qualify.
  • Non-Profit Management Applicants must be enrolled in or a recent graduate of a college program pursuing studies in biology, wildlife management, non-profit management, or a related field.
  • An in-person mandatory interview (no exceptions) will be conducted on-site in Palm Shores, FL; all costs associated with the in-person interview are the interviewee’s responsibility.
  • Reliable transportation, a valid driver license and proof of insurance required.
  • A drug test will be required at the discretion of the director, manager, or president; this may occur at any time and for no reason or cause.
  • Applicants should have no animal-related allergies.
  • All internships with Florida Wildlife Hospital are unpaid, but provide interns with a once in a lifetime hands on, educational experience.