Found Animal

If you found a baby animal click the corresponding button for handling instructions. 

Baby Mammal
Baby Bird
Baby Rabbit

Found Adult or Other Animal Species? See below.

A rabies vector species

(mammal that could carry rabies) such as a bat, raccoon, fox, otter, bobcat, please call BCSO Animal Services at 321-633-2024, option 1. Any accidental exposure to rabies means certain death for the animal and possible expensive treatments for you.  BCSO will transport these animals to us. Do NOT attempt this yourself.

Other mammals

use work gloves and transport in a box with a lid and air holes.

A large bird of any kind

use caution. Whether strong talons that can puncture and not let go, or a long pointed beak the aims for your eyes, they can do harm.  Gloves and eye protection are a must. Loosely covering the bird with a towel and placing in a box or bin is the safest way to get them to us.

An injured tortoise or turtle

lift gently and put in a box for transport

An injured snake (non-venomous)

put in an old pillow case and close with a rubber band or knot. Then place in a box with air holes or no lid for transport.