Our Board

Leadership with Heart

FWH is led by a Board of Directors and an Advisory Board that, together, make the decisions that keep our organization in a position to help the animals in need in our area.

Board of Directors Advisory Board
Chair- Josie Quiroz Linda Archer
Vice Chair- Jim Torpey Bill Bjork
Secretary – Donna McGill Kyle Donnelly, DVM
Treasurer –Daniela Goyer Heather Fresa
Michelle Farquharson Hyta Mederer, PhD
Michelle Salyer Margie Mitchell
Julie Harrison Eileen Olejarski
Andrea Hill Maryann Vanciel
Stephen Long, DVM Trevor Zachariah, DVM
Lali DeRosier

Are You Wild for Wildlife?

Becoming a Director for the Florida Wildlife Hospital requires commitment, passion, and dedication to the FWH mission. Board members can expect to spend 4-8 hours a month working on board related activities (including meeting, committees, events, and director duties).  Below you will find the current duties and responsibilities for members of the Board of Directors.

Legal Duties Include:

  • CARE- Paying attention to the organization’s activities and operations.
  • LOYALTY- Putting the interests of the organization before personal and professional interests.
  • OBEDIENCE- Complying with applicable federal, state, and local laws; adhering to the organization’s bylaws; and remaining the guardian of the mission.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Attending Board meetings as required by the FWH Bylaws, more than three unexcused absences per year may result in dismissal.  Meetings are scheduled for the 3rd Monday of every month, typically at FWH and last from 1-2 hours.  Virtual attendance may be approved by the Board Chair. 
  • Developing and implementing FWH policies and goals, budgeting, fundraising and disbursing funds with the intention of furthering the purpose, mission and philosophy of the FWH.  In addition, performing the duties, as described in the bylaws, of the Board Position to which assigned.
  • Participating in member recruitment and appreciation efforts by representing the organization, and acting as a spokesperson by:
    • Attending and assisting at FWH’s annual major fundraising events.
    • Attending and assisting as host/tour guides at quarterly Walk On The Wild Side events at FWH
    • Attending and participating in advocacy events such as, but not limited to, monthly League of Cities and Chamber of Commerce meetings.
    • Making thank-you phone calls.
  • Board members are expected to make a financial contribution and will make their best efforts to secure additional donors, funds and sponsorships to support the FWH mission.
FWH Board of Directors Interest Form