Programs & Education Kits

Wildlife Education

Part of our mission of Keeping Wildlife Wild is accomplished through education in our community. We offer education programs designed to inspire curiosity, foster appreciation, and promote conservation of the natural world. To help achieve these goals, people can meet our ambassador animals, including birds of prey, turtles, snakes, and a squirrel. Our education animals’ injuries and conditions prevent from them from being able to be released back into the wild, but they are amazing ambassadors for their wild counterparts.

Outreach Options

Every program includes at least 2 – 3 live ambassador animals. These animals are permanent residents of the hospital that could not be released into the wild for a variety of reasons. They are always a huge help in explaining the importance of wildlife rehabilitation and conservation efforts.

Formal Program

  • Our formal programs are 50 – 60 minutes in length and can be done with or without a PowerPoint presentation. This program can be at the Florida Wildlife Hospital or a location of your choosing. Please see listing below for the different presentation topics.


  • Our educational tabletop display are designed for events such as nature festivals, art fairs, etc. The display has educational literature about how to help wildlife, biofacts, photos featuring patients from the hospital, and can incorporate a kids activity.
  • If allowed/wanted, we can bring a variety of merchandise featuring wildlife to sell.
  • We have our own tables, chairs, and tent if needed.

Presentation Topics

About the Florida Wildlife Hospital | Learn more about how the wildlife hospital helps wildlife, how you can help wildlife, and how to recognize whether an animal needs help or if it should be left alone.

All About Owls | Learn about all the fascinating traits that make owls unique from other birds. They have specialized eyes, ears, feathers, feet, and beaks that help them survive and thrive.

  • Owl pellets and owl pellet kits are available as an add on to the All About Owl presentation.

Gopher Tortoises | As a keystone species, gopher tortoises play a very important part in Florida’s ecosystem. Their burrows are long and full of surprises at every turn.

Florida Friends | Florida offers more than just beautiful landscapes, it is home to many unique animals. Learn more about how scientists classify animals, and what makes a bird a bird, a mammal a mammal, and a reptile a reptile.

Bats and Other Nocturnal Creatures | Learn about the animals that fly and glide in the night and what adaptation make help them to find food, shelter, and avoid predators in the dark.

Custom Programs | If you have a specific topic in mind, please email to see if it is something we would able to present.



The donations from our programs help us cover the costs of caring for the residents, education staff, and travel related expenses.

Formal Programs

  • $100 for a program at the Florida Wildlife Hospital
  • $125 for K – 12 public schools
  • $150 for programs 15 miles or less (generally Palm Shores, Melbourne, West Melbourne, Viera, Cocoa, Satellite Beach, Indian Harbour Beach, & Indialantic)
  • $175 for programs 15.1 – 35 miles (generally Titusville, Cape Canaveral, Palm Bay, Grant)
  • $200 for programs 35+ miles
  • $50 each additional hour


  • $100 for the first hour and $50 each additional hour OR free if we are allowed to sell merchandise.

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Education Kits

Owl Pellet Kit | $10 | Learn more about owls and what they eat by dissecting real owl pellets! This kit includes two owl pellets, tweezers, mini magnifying glass, mini ruler, gloves, and accompanying educational worksheets.

Owl Pellets | $1 each| Owl pellets collected from our ambassador animals and patients have been wrapped in aluminum foil and sterilized in an autoclave.

Are You My Momma? | $10 | This kit is designed to teach the difference between babies and adults of the same species. Each kit includes matching game cards (6 laminated sheets with baby mammals, adult mammals, baby birds, adult birds, baby reptiles, adult reptiles) as well as a bird nest craft kit. Kids can make a baby bird a home with popsicle sticks, yarn, natural materials (not included), and glue.

Burrowing Buddies | This educational activity kit based on a Florida keystone species, the gopher tortoise, coming soon…